Aria Dungeons
Last floor of the dungeon.


Each floor has its own tile set so the dungeon color is based on your current floor. There is a script in the coding dealing with an "Old Man" NPC. It is unknown if this was just left behind or planned to be some kind of tutorial. The Old Man may be the same as the one in Aria Town.

Key Needed/Legend

  • Floor 1: Yes
  • Floor 2: Yes
  • Floor 3: No
  • Floor 4: Yes
  • Floor 5: Yes/Cyclops
  • Floor 6: Yes
  • Floor 7: No/Golem (The coding say yes but this is the last floor and no key will be found)

Number of Chests

  • Floor 1: 3
  • Floor 2: 3
  • Floor 3: 3
  • Floor 4: 3
  • Floor 5: 3
  • Floor 6: 3
  • Floor 7: 8

Floor Size Width x Height (+ Number of Rooms)

  • Floor 1: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 2: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 3: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 4: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 5: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 6: 50x35 (25 rooms)
  • Floor 7: 50x50 (30 rooms)

Monsters Per Room

  • Floor 1: 1-2
  • Floor 2: 0-2
  • Floor 3: 1-2
  • Floor 4: 0-2
  • Floor 5: 1-2
  • Floor 6: 0-2
  • Floor 7: 1-1

Monster/Chance of Dropping

Items In Chests/Chance of Dropping

  • Floor 1:
  • Floor 2:
  • Floor 3:
  • Floor 4:
  • Floor 5:
  • Floor 6:
  • Floor 7:

This dungeon doesn't have a true official name. Kevin Glass has always simply called it the "town dungeon." This is most likely the first dungeon that anyone will do and complete because it is the easiest dungeon for low levels.

Monster types include Skeletons, Snakes, Cobras, Blobs, Spiders, and Kobolds.

The color and theme will change depending on the floor. Currently the 3rd floor does not require a key by design, but for some reason all of the chests will be empty. The 5th floor Key and Golden Door will be protected by a Cyclops Boss. The 7th floor will also lack a key because it is the end of the dungeon. The boss for the 7th floor is Golem which, like most bosses, gives the player a town portal card once defeated. Then the player can collect his or her reward on the final floor.

The final floor has special chests which may contain Blue Potions, Green Potions, Gems, Composite Bows, Frost Bolt Spell Cards, Longswords or Rubies. Most of the dungeon chests and barrels will give Apples or Red Potions and sometimes Gold and Town Portal Cards.

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