Caws mawr is a farm that can be accessed from Aria Town via an entrance to the right. It contains many sheep and cows, that will remain peaceful to the player until they are attacked, after which they will behave just like any other enemy.



Blaidd runs a map shop from his house, and will probably be the players first source of treasure maps.


Plentyn is the son of Blaidd. He will tell the player about how your stats give you special abilities, or something, he wasn´t really listening.


Dafydd stands out in the field next to the crops. He will welcome the play to the farm as well as telling them to try out digging and fishing.


Mabion owns a pet shop, and will likely be the first pet shop the player comes across.


Caws Mawr contains a single dungeon. The sign outside reads: Storage pit, Keep out! It mostly contains different varients of Fawns as well as Blob and Spiders. The finale of dungeon is an epic duel to the death between you and the Fire Beast.

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