Capital and the biggest city of Yore.

Exits Edit

NPCs Edit

Bobjim Edit

Have you met my brother, he lives over in Aria Town? (his brother is Jimbob)

Grancha Edit

I remember when all this was empty tiles...

Guard Edit

Consider yourself warned, you will behave in Cennyn City!

Brother Chaz Edit

Have you come to study my child?

Skinta Edit

Weccome to my shop, with a small offering to the gods you too could have your own statue!

Iggy Edit

I´m setting up a frozen yogurt stand, interested?

Conan Edit

Oi!! What are you doing in my house, get out!

Lady Cennyn Edit

Welcome to my home hero, it is as yours.

Lord Cennyn Edit

Quest room. Some Quests.

Shops Edit

More later

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