This is one of three dungeons in Cennyn City.

Cennyn City Dungeon - Hidden

Cennyn City Dungeon - Hidden shown in the North-West room, behind the Beastmaster.

The dungeon is located in a hidden room in the North-West corner of Cennyn City, behind a table in the Beastmaster's shop.

To find the dungeon: Goto the Beastmaster's shop. There are two tables in the room. Stand to the left or right of the western-most table. Tap the table to "push" it aside. Lastly, "walk" North into the wall that was directly behind the table in its original location.

The dungeon is 3 levels deep.

When a scroll of Town Portal is used the hero exits on top of the stairs for Cennyn City Dungeon - Garden.

The dungeon contains the following monsters:

The best dungeon for grinding out levels, as the different dragoons give lots of Exp

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