Field dressing: Heals health based on missing health (the more health you're missing the greater the heal). Will heal up to half of max health.

Charge: Rage cost is not unknown, it costs 50% of maximum rage (which is a bloody pain).

Berserk: Has a chance to fail, also you will take 10 damage with every use of this ability regardless of whether you succeed or not.

The skills can only be learned by Archer and Warrior. The Wizard has spells instead.Edit

See also: Category:Class Skills

The set of skills for Archer:Edit

-Push an opponent away 2 spaces.

-Level required: 9

-Zen required per usage: 29

-Stun an opponent for 1 turn.

-Level required:17

-Zen required per usage: 60

-Heal yourself for 45 points.

-Level required: 17

-Zen required per usage: 60

  • Stealth

-Hide yourself and sneak around

-Level required: 19

-Zen required per turn: 36

  • Double Shot

-Shoot two arrows at once (need special arrows like fire arrows or frost arrows)

-Level required: 40

-Zen required per shot: 20

  • Distraction

-Distract your opponents for a short time

-Level required: 41

-Zen required per usage: 85

The set of skills for Warrior (for some of those skills it might consume rage by percentage):Edit

  • Shield Bash

-Push a monster back with your shield 2 spaces.

-Level Required: 14

-Rage per Usage: 35

  • Bezerk

-Crazed attack hitting those around you.

-Level Required: 25

-Rage per Usage: 100

  • Field Dressing

-Minor healing.

-Level Required: 34

-Rage per Usage: 70

  • Charge

-Run full speed into an area (or if you hit an enemy it damages it)

-Rage per usage: unknown

-Level required: 40

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