Dondheim City
Map of Dondheim City

Map Type



The Rusty Axe

Magic Shop

Vahalla's Enterance

Town Leader Location

War Room

Weapon & Armor Shop

Leon's Craft Shop, Thor's Armory

Town Dungeon

Dondheim Dungeon


  • Fish Pie - Level 10 - Catch 10 Fish
  • It stings! - Level 15 - Gather 12 Stinger
  • Loves Young Dream - Level 17 - Deliver Loki's love note
  • Chaos Mages Unite - Level 26 - Kill 10 Dark Mage
  • 3 Wishes - Level 27 - Kill the genie and retrieve his lamp
  • Medicine Man - Level 35 - Get the ingredients for Odin's medicine



This is most likely the third town you will reach.

The northern city of Donheim rests in the mountains. A gruff and busy place.

This town is most likely the second town players will see. The only path leading into the town is Mountains. From Dundheim City you can access the Tower and it's courtyard. There are many quests for Levels 10-35 players.

The Rusty AxeEdit

(Pro Tip: Know when you push "buy" instead of "sell." You could lose all your money.)

Balder: Sell and buy most food. Player can buy:

Player can sell:

Vahalla's EntranceEdit

Loki: Sell and buy most magical items. Player can buy:

Player can sell: Treasures and most magical items for less then what they are worth.

War RoomEdit

K'Atel: Able to give quests and heal others. Healing is free and unlimited.

Leon's Craft ShopEdit

Leon: Craft a few items for you. Player can craft:

Thor's ArmoryEdit

Thor: Buy and sell most weapons and armor. Player can buy:

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