Gombard Town
Friendly town with port


Town - Friendly


Hallows, Toronega Port


Gombard Dungeon

Exits Edit

NPCs Edit

Chamerson: Edit

You can met him everywhere in Gombard. What do you want peasant? Begone, I´m training to be a great wizard like the mighty Legomon.

Scotius: Edit

Farmer. Hic!! Hic!!! I remember, thit was all field... Hic!! What was I saying? Hic!..

Shops Edit

Axe and cleaver Edit

Wang´s shop

What do you want?

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Meal, traps...

Tyan´s shop Edit

Welcome follower of the light. How may I assist you?

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Potions, magic items, spells...

Note: There, when you move a table and bookcase, can you find secret way to Gombard Dungeon.

Weapons by the sea Edit

Yan´s shop

What can I do for you today?

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Weapons, wands, bows...

Quest room Edit

Zeng´s room

Welcome to Gombard adventurer, let us assist you. Assist

We have need of help, are you interested? Quests

Some Quests.

Note: He have a stash behind him.

Pirates Edit

In the port is one pirate ship. Wait for passage.

NPCs Edit

Pirate: Edit


Captain: Edit

Hallo, for 100 000 GP I´ll transport you to second continent (it´s scary place Level 40+)

When you pay he travel you to Toronega Port. He can move you everytimes.

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