Way Edit

Accessed by passing through the trees on the East side of Toronega Port. You have to go right into the bottom right hand corner where there is a gap, but you cant go straight through the gap, instead you have to push up against the two wall tiles which are there and they will crumble letting you go further east to reach hidden cove.

Nobody knews where is end of this dungeon. This is only one endless dungeon in Yore.

Enemies (combinations) Edit

On each floor there are random monsters which can be either normal ones or legends.


Legends that wander around the floors (usually around 15 of them):

Very often they will rush you.

Usually some normal monsters accompany the legends. Sample normal monster sets that player can meet:

On each 5th level (5, 10, 15...) of the dungeon there is an additional legend from the list below:

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