About QuestsEdit

A quest is a mission that you can complete. You can talk to any town leader to take on a quest, but keep in mind that you need a certain level or more to take on a certain quest. Examples: kill the fire beast, deliver the package, and kill 20 skeletons. You get a reward for completing a quest.

List of Quests (incomplete)Edit

The summary of each quest (sorted by place where quest is given) is given here. For more info on each quest, see their respective pages.

Aria TownEdit

Them BonesEdit

Kill 20 Skeletons and return to the Elder in Aria

Deliver the GoodsEdit

Deliver the package to Yoregot and then return to the Elder in Aria

The Evil BeneathEdit

Vanquish the Fire Beast

Pelting ThemEdit

Gather 10 pelts to create a reward

Snakes AliveEdit

Slay Medusa

Dondheim CityEdit

Fish PieEdit

Catch 10 fish

It Stings!Edit

Gather 12 stingers to create a reward

Loves Young DreamEdit

Deliver Loki's love note

Chaos Mages UniteEdit

Kill 10 Dark Mages

3 wishesEdit

Kill the Genie and retrieve his lamp

Medicine ManEdit

Get the ingredients for Odin's medicine

S'Thel OasisEdit

Tooth AcheEdit

Gather 8 teeth to create a reward

Lost ChildEdit

Rescue the Lost Child


Kill a Beholder and return with its tentacle

Ghoul HuntEdit

Kill 15 Ghouls

Nordolk SettlementEdit

Dragons Egg DeliveryEdit

Deliver the Dragon Egg to Tyan

The Mighty HornEdit

Slay the Minotaur and return the horn to Nordolk

Smashing Ice CubesEdit

Kill 12 Frosties

Medcinial HopeEdit

Take the potions to Morin

Gombard TownEdit

Seedy BusinessEdit

Take the bag of seeds to the farm

The TreatyEdit

Unite the towns under one banner

Dragon BashingEdit

Kill the Green Dragon

Creepers PeepersEdit

Kill 20 Creepers

Hydra ClawEdit

Retrieve the Hydra Claw

Badlands GateEdit

Nasty StingEdit

Retrieve the Stinger for the King

Jar of WispsEdit

Deliver the magic wisps to Ken

Making a StandEdit

Kill 25 Orc Witches

Light the WayEdit

Take the lantern to Wang

Paititi VillageEdit

Newt ReplacementEdit

Get the Frog's Eye for the Tribe

Slithering EvilEdit

Kill 15 Pythons

Blood of the EldersEdit

Find the Blood of the Elders


The LabyrinthEdit

Slay Babbeh and Recover the Crystal Ball

Cull the MagicEdit

Kill 20 Wikka

Portrait of PurityEdit

Find the stolen Portrait

Cennyn CityEdit

Dark side of MagicEdit

Recover the Elven Horn

Appauling AparasionsEdit

Kill 20 Aparasions

Mighty MashingEdit

Kill the Mighty Dragon

Squash SqueergEdit

Kill the mighty Squeerg Beast

Tal Mita SettlementEdit

Giant ProblemsEdit

Slay the Giant


Naleg TownEdit

Parot PassionEdit

Take the love sick parot to Tal Mita

Boat BotherEdit

Recover the toy boat from Evok

Port YnysEdit

Harold's HappynessEdit

Take the Parrot to Flow

Magical Music BoxEdit

Recover the magical music box.

Airlon SettlementEdit

Whittle the Whittian Edit

Cut down 10 of the Whittian Ninjas

Find the Compass Edit

Retrive the Compass from the Urgon

Tal NivekEdit

Cut down the Cowl Edit

Slay the Cowled Lizard

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