Ring of Health
A Ruby Ring






+1 HP per attack

Ring of Health which can be bought for 18500 or found fishing. You need level 15 or higher of any class to use it. It does +1 HP per attack so it basically heals you every time you attack something.


There is some small tactic to "farm hp". This works better with some "+x hp per attack" items.

Here's solution:

  1. Take off your weapon.
  2. Find some weak mobs that deal you 0 dmg.
  3. Just attack 'em, be gracious and don't kill so fast. (you'll deal 0-1 dmg or even more depending of stats)
  4. You'll get 1 hp every hit because of ring's influence. (or more depending of other items)
  5. Now you are farming hp.
  • This isn't cheating :)

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