Cursed city

Exits Edit

NPCs Edit

Maudit Edit

Leave here outsider! This place is cursed!

Shops Edit

Madito´s shop Edit

A hero in Thule? Have you come to help us?

Trader: Madito

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Weapons, swords...

Nazar´s shop Edit

Come in if you must. This cursed place has some magic left in it!

Trader: Nazar

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Potions, magic items...

Mukesh´s shop Edit

Welcome visitor, you are a rare one in these parts!

Trader: Mukesh

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Meal, items...

Quest room Edit

Samil´s place

Some Quests

Note: There is stash

Alva´s craft room Edit

I can craft a few things, would you like to see?

Cloak (10 Dog Pelt, 10 GP)

Notes Edit

On sign in front of way to Gates of Hell is "To castle Azazel"

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