Toronega City


Badlands Gate, Toronega Port, Toronega Gate, West Port

Pirate city. On square are are 3 Chicken.

Shops Edit

First weapon store in seven seas. Edit

Ivor´s shop

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Weapons, staffs, swords...

Zambar´s magic shop Edit

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Spells, potions, magic items...

Mac´s shop Edit

Arrr, we have fine ale sturdy meals, what can I get ya?

To buy: Edit

To sell: Edit

Meal, items, traps...

Meaty´s craft room Edit

Meaty can craft few things.

Spiked Shield (10 Stinger and 1 Wooden Shield) 1000 GP

Spiked Boots (10 Stinger and 1 Boots) 1000 GP

Goif Bow (20 Goif Gloves and 5 Bows) 1000 GP

Peggy´s map shop Edit

There you can buy Treasure Maps.

Zarrrrrr´s pet shop Edit

Welcome to my pet shop, how can I help you?

To buy: Edit


To sell: Edit

Pets too

NPCs Edit

Dumhed Edit

Good orc

Pirates Edit

Shiver me timbers. Pay for games? Never- I can steal them! Jim lad?

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