Town Portal
Portal - summon a portal back to the nearest town

Item ID


Buy / sell price

250 / 13 Gold

Shop type

Magic shop







Level requirement


Equip slot

Not equippable

Dropped by

Golem, Spectre, Rock Troll, Slurg Beast, Medusa, Ice Giant, Bogie Giant, Fire Beast, Holy Knight, Squeeerg, Cave Troll, King Cobra, Plaguemaster, Giant Guard, Giant Widow, Lava Lizard, Giant Lizard, Cowled Lizard, Slime Ghost, Clay Golem, Raiseling, Smorag, Deathbringer

Found in dungeon chests in

Aria Dungeon, Catacombs Dungeon, Wilderness Dungeon, S'Thel Oasis Dungeon

The Town Portal can be used in nearly any dungeon. It is a one-time-use item.

When the town portal is used, it will spawn a blue portal next to the player. When the player walks into the portal, they are transported to the nearest town. The portal will remain in the town until the player leaves the current map. The player can then walk back into the portal, and return to exactly where they were. The portal will then disappear.

A good strategy for running hard dungeons is to restock and heal in town before returning through the portal. This will give a player the advantage against bosses and harder monsters. However, portals cannot be used within a certain distance of bosses.

Town Portal

In-game description

Town Portal

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